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Campground Business Idea

With a recent surge in interest in camping, many people are looking to start a campground in their area as a small business.

People who live in rural areas, especially those known for natural beauty, often find that they can make good money if they start a business in this sector and run it properly.

Many people think that all they need to start in this business is to clear off an area and let people know they can camp there.

While this may work to some degree, truly successful campgrounds require a good location and high quality services as well.

They should be located near to local parks and also need to be well drained and away from streams or rivers so they do not flood in the event of heavy rain.

Additionally, many persons have become accustomed to campsites which are more than just a spot of clean ground. Depending on the nature of campers that frequent the area, it may be important to set up facilities for RVs and trailers.

Not all campers are rustic backpackers, after all, and anyone looking to start a camping site may want to look into providing electricity and water at each site.

Luxury campsites cost more to build but may be able to charge more and attract more customers. Depending on the area, selling or renting out camping equipment or hiking gear may also be a good way to generate a little extra revenue.

Finding A Site To Start A Campground

Because of the difficulties inherent in locating campgrounds, people wishing to start a camping business may want to look into local campgrounds for sale. Because camping is generally a summer activity and campgrounds are closed for much of the year, there are often campsites for sale.

Anyone buying a used campground should take pains to preserve the camp’s reputation if it is good, or change its name and reputation if it is bad. Additionally, used campgrounds should be refurbished and remodeled – especially if they have been left unused for an extended period.

If you are new to the business, you may want to look into a campsite franchise, as franchises often have access to tips and equipment necessary to run a good campground.

Running Your Campground

Running a campground is generally easy and low maintenance, but it is not a work-free sort of job. It is important to pick up any trash left by campers and repair any equipment as soon as it breaks. Adequate tap water should be available to all campers, and toilets of some sort should be made available. Indoor, heated toilets are always the best kind.

Additionally, it is important to keep someone on staff at all times in case of an emergency. A phone of some sort should be set up nearby. Even in the day and age of cell phones, at least one payphone or camp phone should be sited.

Starting a campground is a relatively easy way to make money, since the initial cost and upkeep is so low- but it is still important to know about the business locally and ensure your customers have what they need to have a good time.

It is important to make sure the campsite is clean and safe, and that someone is always watching the grounds. It is also important to understand that camping is generally an activity reserved for the warmer months, so consider how you will stay afloat in the winter if you do decide to start a campground.

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