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Business Plan Writer Business Idea

Someone who enjoys the excitement and challenge of starting up in business often makes a great professional business plan writer.

Other people who more enjoy organizing things and assessing facts and figures can also find success in this business.

Business plans are constantly in demand, as not everyone can make convincing ones. A great business plan, however, can easily determine how much future success a new business has.

Getting Started

If you have a lot of previous experience in writing business plans, you probably already know the basic outline needed to put one together. The job also requires scouting for clients and extracting information from them before creating a personalized plan for their success. Consider this in your personal plans.

Most businesses can follow a similar outline to start a business:

  • Statement of goals – how much success is envisioned?
  • Statement of services to be provided – the business’ scope
  • Reasons why the business will succeed
  • Type of business – for profit? Home-based?
  • Competition study of major competitors and their competing products
  • Operational details – who will run the business, and what education they need?
  • Taxes, insurance needed, employee benefit
  • Financing needed – over how long a period, and from whom?
  • Equipment needed – how much and at what cost?
  • Bookkeeping, accounting and income facts and projections
  • Financial agreements, leases, licenses
  • Advertising and marketing plans and packaging designs
  • Sales plan – will employees be needed for this?
  • Suppliers and helpful contacts
  • Conclusion statement and envisioned future prospects

Running Your Professional Business Plan Writer Business

Even professional writers with tons of experience in writing plans may still need to obtain additional education or new business planning software. Education is a life-long experience; as technology grows and improves, so will the opportunities for business to turn in new directions.

Of course, you will have already created your own business plan for success in this new venture, so will already appreciate this when the time comes to do it! As an additional point, you should also be sure to factor in general and professional liability insurance into every business plan you write.

Ideas For Expansion

Referrals are like gold to any successful business – you will be a professional business plan writer from your first job, so make use of this status! Do a successful business plan for your first client, and word will soon spread.

Beyond that, however, you need to be active to obtain new business just like marketing for any other business. It Pays To Advertise’ (IPTA) is a motto familiar to those in advertising for a good reason: it works!

You don’t need formal education to become a professional business plan writer, but you do need a clear idea of where a business is going and why it should succeed. You can learn all you need to know from available books on the topic, internet self education, and business plan software.

Being a professional business plan writer can be a lot of fun; you get to play a vital part in the success of new companies, then watch them use your plan to succeed over time!

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