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Bounty Hunter Business Idea

If you’ve ever read about Duane “Dog” Chapman or author Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series, you may wonder how to become a bounty hunter.

While “Dog” presents the grittier side and fictional character Stephanie Plum presents the comical side, bounty hunting is a true opportunity for people who want to work as an unofficial extension of the law.

What is a Bounty Hunter?

When a person is arrested, he needs to pay bail or post bond for his release. This bond is a sum of money used as insurance to guarantee that the accused person will show up at his court date, at which point he will get his money returned.

If he does not have enough money from his own personal funds to pay bail, he may contact a bond agency and they will loan him the money. An accused person might pay a percentage of the bail amount; say $1000 for a $10,000 bail. If the person does not appear at his court date, the bond agency defaults the money and loses the full $10,000 amount.

This is where learning how to become a bounty hunter comes in. A bond agency will hire a bounty hunter to find the accused who failed to appear (FTA) in court, and to bring him to the police. The bond agency then gets the bond returned and the bounty hunter receives a percentage of the bail.

How To Become A Bounty Hunter

As a home business opportunity, learning how to become a bounty hunter provides the ability to work on cases independently using your knowledge and skills to bring people to justice. Although you may conduct your research from home, much of your tracing the FTA will be done in your car.

If a bounty hunter gets a lead on an FTA, they must be able to go after them immediately, any time of the day. Being able to handle an unpredictable schedule is essential.

While bounty hunters rely on their wits and instincts, the profession has become more sophisticated over time. Bounty hunter training is available at numerous bounty hunter schools, both in classroom settings and online. Classes in the judicial system, communications, psychology and computer research are also helpful in enhancing skills when learning how to become a bounty hunter.

When bounty hunters receive a case, they may do computer research to see if the accused’s credit card has been recently used. They may interview the family and friends to get an idea where the FTA may be located. They may also set up surveillance to find him and bring him back to jail.

Some Cautions for Bounty Hunters

Although bounty hunters claim to catch about 90% of people who jump bail, many FTAs do not come willingly. Bounty hunting can be dangerous, and in addition to tools for technology (computer, cell phones) you will also need tools for defense. Bounty hunters often carry handcuffs, Taser guns and pepper spray.

Bounty hunting is currently illegal in some states (Illinois, Kentucky, Wisconsin and Oregon), and freelancing as a bounty hunter is currently illegal in Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina. In addition, you must have a bounty hunting license in some states.

Still, if you enjoy the thrill of the pursuit, learning how to be a bounty hunter can be a worthwhile venture.

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