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Boat Storage Business Idea

A boat storage business is a great startup idea if you live in the right place, and can make you a lot of money if you own one.

If you are located near water resources you may wish to consider the possibility of starting up a facility to take advantage of this.

You can begin with a small business and then grow it larger as revenues increase.

Building recreation-related business can be a lot of fun, and you can turn your hobby into a small business with just a little work.

Starting Out

To begin with, you will need spare land or a storage building that is near a popular waterfront. With a large pole barn, you can start a little boat storage business in neighborhoods near lake access – provided that local ordinances allow for this type of business in a residential setting. You can charge by the season or monthly, but yearly rates are the best as they get winter storage business.

Before you begin your boat storage business, be sure to check local laws and get some insurance – both for general liability and buildings. You need to have a storage building that is weather tight, structurally sound, and large enough to handle the amount of business you are seeking. A small building is fine for regular storage or wintering over storage.

You should have a water supply, toilet facilities, and some benches or a picnic table for customer convenience. If your dreams are larger, you will want more space for repair services and the cleaning and maintenance of boats. Add in some food or candy vending machines and you will immediately add extra income from vending operations.

How To Run Your Boat Storage Business

A well maintained, clean, and safe operation is what brings you business – and repeat loyalty business. Your customers are trusting you and your building to provide safety and security for their expensive boating investments.

Before you accept their application for storage, be sure to do a boat damage inspection for your own protection. Detail any scratches, dents, or holes, to limit your liability. When the lease ends, do an exit inspection and keep your records. Make sure entrances and exits are easy for boat trailer navigation and maneuvering.

If you are operating near marinas or have boat rentals in addition to your storage facilities, be sure there is some separation from the public boat docks and your private storage area to minimize liability. You will also benefit from a little general business and bookkeeping education, as with any business. Be sure to sully understand all local and state rules for employees, too.

Expanding Your Operations

Expanding your business may take some time, as a boat storage business is fairly expensive to begin. You can offer packages, seasonal and yearly, for storage and maintenance. You can also offer in and out of water service, and putting their boat in before they arrive and taking it out and storing it after they leave for the day like a boat valet service.

You could offer boat and jet ski rentals for customers or the general public, too. Be sure to do some advertising for these to take advantage of summer, which is prime boating time. Another addition would be a bait and tackle shop for extra income.

Mixing recreation and business is a winning success, so if you have a passion for boating, a boat storage business could be the perfect choice of business for you.

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