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Blind Cleaning Business Idea

If you’re looking for a profitable business to start from home, think about the blind cleaning business.

Most people hate to clean dusty, dirty blinds. And, as a result, they stay dusty and dirty, which is not only unsightly, but also can exacerbate allergies and asthma.

A blind cleaning business makes it easy to keep windows in tiptop shape.

How to Clean Blinds

The majority of blinds on windows today are vinyl and aluminum. In order to clean them, you can do the spray and wipe method, or take the blinds down to clean.

When you take the blinds down, you can put them in a bathtub with a cleaner, thoroughly wipe them down, rinse and dry.

Some people even take their blinds to a do-it-yourself car wash, and use an empty stall as their cleaning space.

While these methods work, they are time consuming. As a business owner, you need a quicker, simpler solution. Consider what technology has to offer:

Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning

Ultrasounds are high frequency sound waves that are used to remove dirt from items that are immersed in a cleaning solution. Jewelers often clean jewelry in ultrasonic machines.

With an ultrasonic blind cleaning machine, blinds are placed into the machine and the sound waves gently but thoroughly remove dirt from crevices. In addition, the process is quick—30 seconds for a set of blinds. A drying agent is applied to finish the process, and you’re done.

Ultrasonic blind cleaning machines can be purchased or leased. Depending on the setup of your business, you can attach one to the back of your car as a trailer, and make your business mobile.

Or, you can keep it in a stationary position, such as a garage or storefront, so clients can drop off their blinds to you as needed.

Unlike the home cleaning business, the blind cleaning business uses the same technology and equipment whether you’re cleaning a home, hotel, hospital, restaurant or office. Therefore, your potential client base can be huge, but your system of work can remain the same.

Finding Customers For Your Blind Cleaning Business

As mentioned earlier, you have several options in how you set up your business.

  • You can go to your clients and clean at their location.
  • You can pick up blinds from your customers, take them away for cleaning and bring them back, typically the same day.
  • You can have a storefront location, similar to a dry cleaner’s, where customers drop off and pick up their blinds.

Your marketing techniques will depend on which method you choose. However, determine which location has the possibility of bringing you the most business.

If you can find clusters of customers (in an office park or a large neighborhood for example), it may make sense to go to them. Consider adding window-washing services to your business so clients can get the whole package.

If your business comes from all over, and your analysis shows customers are willing to take down their blinds and come to you, a permanent location may be the answer.

With good market analyses, good equipment and a willingness to work, you can find success in the blind cleaning business.

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