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Bicycle Repair Business Idea

There are many reasons for beginning your mobile bicycle repair business now – in an environmentally-geared time period.

Customers will come to you on-site to perform basic and more challenging repairs, but most repair equipment is also transportable for appointments.

Bent rims, broken chains, and flat tire services, amongst others, can all be handled either on-call or on-site with your bicycle repair business.

How To Succeed In The Mobile Bicycle Repair Business

An understanding of bicycle operation is needed for this business. Instructional books are available if you have no idea how to repair a bicycle but would like start regardless.

Expenses can be lowered by buying used bicycle tires or any other used bicycle parts that you need to perform bicycle maintenance. This is highly recommended and not looked down upon. Providing services at reasonable prices is what is important. For instance, if bicycle tires for a specific bike cost $10.00, you should not charge $50.00. Understandably on-call work will be more expensive than on-site projects.

Advertising will get your bicycle repair business known locally and help it to grow larger. Good advertising places are bicycle clubs, shops, and trails. Double-booking and missed appointments can be avoided by organized scheduling tactics. Customers are more confident in services that are repair guaranteed’, so also be sure to offer this.

Advertising And Expanding

Repair vehicles should be stocked with water bottles, pumps, repair kits and seats. While you perform repair work you can offer your customers these products additionally. Of course, you will always have a bicycle repair stand to carry through any bicycle maintenance.

These extra products will enhance customer satisfaction. A satisfied customer spreads the word about your business, and will help you to flourish. Once your business grows, expanding outside of your local area becomes an option. Another idea to seriously consider is franchising.

To augment your name recognition, you might sponsor local charity rides or bicycle races. You are not limited to advertising through current customers. However, with each customer you might offer a discount offer if they refer a friend.

Beyond current customers, you should think about using inexpensive newspapers to place an ad. On your repair van, be sure to have advertisements on the outside supplemented by attractive text and pictures.

Understanding Expenses

There are certain points that keep us from carrying through our dream of opening a business.

The fear of not succeeding can be dealt with by starting slowly. Begin by repairing the bicycles of family and friends, and then move on to friends of friends. This gives you the assurance that your services are worth it. Not having sufficient capital to begin with can also be a struggle. However, you will not need a large amount of money if you start up slowly. You will not need a team until you’ve grown significantly.

Industry averages show that expenses will probably take around 73% of your company’s gross revenue. This means that on gross revenue of $100,000, it is normal to lose $73,000 to expenses. Expenses include advertising, costs of goods, contract labor, commissions, insurance, office supplies, equipment rentals, repairs, salaries, taxes and others.

Running a bicycle repair business is not easy, but it is possible to successfully master one and turn a profit from it with the right kind of planning.

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