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Bicycle Courier Business Idea

Starting a bicycle courier business is truly a way to start a healthy and “green” business. Particularly suitable in large cities where traffic gets nowhere fast, a bicycle courier business can be started with little money, but has the ability to grow into a substantial enterprise.

In metropolitan areas, a bicycle courier can often arrive at a destination faster than a car or truck. Downtown businesses require delivery and courier services many times a day. If you love riding your bike and are extremely fit, becoming a bicycle courier might be the ideal business for you.

Starting A Bicycle Courier Business

Begin by making sure you have a safe, reliable bicycle, a bicycle lock, and the tools to repair flat tires and chains. In addition, wear the proper safety equipment, such as a helmet, shin guards, and other gear to lessen your chance of injury. Obtain some type of waterproof bag that is large enough for most delivery items, but easily attached to your bicycle. Make sure that it can be locked or secured so no items are lost or stolen.

Before starting a bicycle courier business, contact the city licensing office to find out what types of licenses will be required for you to legally conduct business. Also consult with an insurance agent to make sure that you are covered in case of accident and delivery item loss.

Take particular care in choosing your clothing. Clothing will have to be comfortable and well-kept, but remember that you will be delivering to offices and professional buildings.

Be realistic about how many deliveries and riding distances you can make each day. It is better to have too few deliveries that are all made on time than have too many and all late. Buying a portable GPS system might be a good idea if you’re still learning the roads.

Finding Customers

Your advertising campaign should target the business sector. Achieving success in the bicycle courier business relies on finding regular customers.

Below are some ideas to let people know about your bicycle delivery and courier service:

  • Distribute pamphlets and paste up fliers wherever permitted
  • Speak with local restaurant and business owners about your service
  • Affix ad plates to your bicycle
  • Liberally hand out business cards
  • Purchase radio ads

Network with other business owners by joining the Chamber of Commerce or other local business groups. The more people who know about your bicycle courier service, the better your chances of finding regular customers.

Customer service will be key. You must earn a reputation as a courteous, reliable, on-time delivery service to keep current customers happy and find new ones.

Expanding Your Business

After starting a bicycle courier business with one bike and one rider, you may find yourself with more work than a single person can handle. If so, it may be time to start thinking of hiring additional bicyclists. In time, you may even find yourself in charge of a fleet of bicycle couriers.

Some additional ideas for expansion are below:

  • Package delivery
  • Notary service
  • Errand service

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