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Beauty Supply Store Business Idea

If you have a passion for makeup, hair styling and other beauty-related topics, learning how to start a beauty supply store may be the perfect small business idea for you. In general, entrepreneurs who are enthusiastic about the products that they sell tend to fare the very best.

With a beauty supply store, you’ll be able to offer your expert product insight to anyone who is in need of beauty products. Before doing anything else, though, you need to learn how to start a beauty supply store. By taking a practical, measured approach to the process, you are bound to end up with a first-rate business.

How To Start A Beauty Supply Store – Inventory

As the proprietor of a beauty supply store, beauty supplies will be your bread and butter. Therefore, it is critical to track down reliable wholesale suppliers who have the products you need at competitive prices.

After all, you’re going to have to give your customers competitive deals with enough of a markup to turn a profit. Take your time when researching wholesalers. Don’t be afraid to rely on a handful of suppliers, if necessary. If things don’t work out with one, make sure to replace them with a better option, as needed, so that your inventory never runs low.

You’ll need a reseller’s license before most wholesalers will do business with you. Get all of your paperwork in place before contacting the wholesalers so you can appear as professional as possible in your introductory calls. You may even want to chat with an existing retail shop owner to learn a little bit about the wholesale process.

Before you can open the doors to your own beauty supply store, you’re going to need to obtain a business license from your local city hall. Depending on the structure of your business (i.e. sole proprietor, LLC, etc), you may also need to register with the state.

If you want to know how to start a beauty supply store, the best place to begin is by working in one. Ideally, you should have a decent amount of experience in such a setting. You should have worked at as many different levels within the organization as possible, too, so that you’re familiar with how the entire process works.

How Do I Find Customers?

Since a large percentage of your business is going to come from local hairdressers, barbers and other stylists, it pays to engage in a marketing campaign that targets them. If you are unfamiliar with executing such a campaign, it pays to hire a professional marketing agency to help.

Most successful beauty supply stores enjoy a lot of walk-in business. Choose a location that gets plenty of visibility and foot traffic. Strip malls and locations in bustling downtown districts are both suitable options. Carry business cards with you and pass them along to anyone who you believe could benefit from your products.

Expansion Ideas

Once you’ve gotten a firm handle on how to start a beauty supply store and have been in business for a while, controlled expansion is a good idea. At minimum, your store will probably start out by offering basic hair styling products and makeup.

You can expand upon your business by offering classes about makeup application. Refresher courses about hot hairstyles are also phenomenal ideas. This way, everyday people can walk in off the street and learn something that will make them value the products that you sell even more.

Additionally, you can expand your store to sell exclusive lines of products that are hard to find elsewhere. Chat with customers to find out what they want but can’t find and work hard to stock those items.

There is no single “right” way for how to start a beauty supply store. The main thing to keep in mind is to let your zeal and enthusiasm for your products shine through. When you’re excited about what you sell, your customers will be as well.

Stay as informed as possible about your beauty products, too, so that you can give useful recommendations to just about anyone. In the end, you’ll look forward to going to work everyday and your customers will look forward to visiting your store – a definite win-win situation in business!

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