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Battery Reconditioning Business Idea

Discovering how to start a battery reconditioning business may provide you with the type of home-based entrepreneurial opportunity you have been waiting for.

For the dedicated environmentalist, it is a chance to capitalize on the green business and technology movement. Do you know what it takes to make this home business work?

When investigating how to start a battery reconditioning business it pays to know what the process entails. In simplest terms, a professional in this field reconditions automotive, water vessel, golf cart, recreational, and utility vehicle lead acid batteries. It is also possible to recondition batteries required for medical equipment, such as wheelchairs or surgical devices.

As a reconditioning expert, the professional obtains old batteries, cleans and charges, and then tests them. The business then resells the finished product with a limited warranty. It is possible to seek out clients for reconditioning specific batteries for return to the owner.

Another alternative is to scour auto repair shops, gas stations and junk yards for discarded models that may be obtained at little or no expense. After reconditioning the batteries, selling them for profit nets a good yield since the initial expense of obtaining them was fairly low.

How To Start A Battery Reconditioning Business – Get Started

Learning how to start a battery reconditioning business requires the business owner to purchase battery testing equipment, buy reconditioning supplies, potentially undergo some EPA training (if the business owner wants to take on this opportunity in large scale), and also seek out municipal business licensing.

Since it is not necessary to take apart the batteries and repair them, basic reconditioning processes focus on dissolving acid crystal buildup on lead plates.

Several companies sell proprietary formulas to assist the business owner in this step. While it is difficult to predict exactly how much money the business owner should budget for a start-up (at least with respect to equipment costs), it is fair to suggest that the expenditures start at about $500 for a very small business and go up from there.

Warning! Battery reconditioning involves volatile chemicals. The worker deals with caustic acids. It is possible to suffer painful burns to the skin. Careless behavior in the work environment, such as smoking, can lead to hydrogen gas-caused explosions. Be careful to understand the chemical processes before going into this business!

Key Success Factors – Promoting Your Battery Business

Marketing the business as a green enterprise is a must. Branching out to not only focus on automobile batteries but also on those of fleet and other vehicles is a key factor to success. The other component is the retail approach that sells reconditioned batteries at a profit with a limited warranty, which will not result in too many returns.

Discuss the business with local junkyards, used car lots and also companies that operate lead acid battery vehicles. A good example of the latter is the local golf course with its numerous carts. Advertise locally via newspaper and online.

Since this is a green venture, highlight the nature of the business by entering green product fairs and community events.

Expansion Ideas

Once you have discovered how to start a battery reconditioning business and have been operating successfully for a few months, it is time to consider expanding. Consider including testing and reconditioning equipment for nickel cadmium, lithium and small consumer goods batteries.

Another possibility for growth includes the expansion into the automotive field and a reconditioning or rebuilding of other components, such as pumps or engine parts.

Target one company (or type of business) exclusively for the service. For example, it could be quite lucrative to focus on only serving golf courses, if there are a number of these businesses in your area of operations.

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