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Bartending Services Business Idea

Many people have at some time or another thought about the glamor and fun that comes with providing bartending services. What most people don’t realize is that bartending is hard work.

A professional bartender is a master at the art of smiling under pressure, mixing drinks, and making sure that people who have had too much to drink don’t go outside and drive a car. Bartenders have to wear many hats, but most of them love their work.

Starting a bartending service business is one way to pull all of those skills together and own your own business at the same time. Mobile bartenders are contracted for a variety of parties and celebrations, including wedding receptions, anniversary, retirement and birthday parties, as well as business conventions and other events.

Starting a Bartending Services Business

Just watching bartenders at parties is not enough training to start your own bartending service. If you have never been a bartender, contact some local establishments to see if one will hire you for on-the-job training.

In addition to first hand experience, consider attending a bartending school. Bartending schools mushroomed all over the U.S. after the Second World War and their numbers have not diminished. There are schools in nearly every location across the country. A school will teach you the basics and different styles of bartending, rather than just the current popular trends.

Plan a pricing structure for your services. Take into account what other services charge in your area. People will not hire you if your prices are too high. Make sure that all of your supply and personnel costs are covered in your charges and that you make a profit, however.

Invest in the bartending supplies you need to run a mobile operation. These include soda guns, glassware, and may often include beverages for venues that do not have them. You will also require a reliable vehicle that’s roomy enough to carry the supplies and employees.

Meet with a contract lawyer who can draw up contracts for you to use for each job. It should outline every detail, including who will be supplying the drinks and mixing ingredients. Many small businesses owners make a mistake, particularly when they first start out, by not using detailed contracts.

Keys to Bartending Services Success

Bartenders often have to walk a fine line between being gregarious and fun-loving and becoming an enforcer. Your people skills will be key to your success. People will expect you to joke with them and you will have to be forceful and diplomatic when someone has had too much to drink.

Bartenders must also be good multitaskers. People expect their drinks to arrive shortly after ordering. Make sure you have enough personnel to handle large crowds so that no one has to wait too long.
As you gain experience, your service will improve and you will develop your own distinctive style.

There are several ways to expand your services as you become more successful. In addition to bartending services, consider the following growth concepts:

  • Adding DJ services
  • Dance Music
  • Add comic acts

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