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Banquet Business Idea

When you think about how to start a banquet business, the possibilities seem endless. Weddings, retirement parties, birthday gatherings, corporate events , and a host of other events often require large halls to accommodate guests.

Starting and running a banquet business gives you the opportunity to become a part of many of life’s celebrations. A combination of wise planning, diligent effort, and smart marketing can turn your banquet hall into a terrific success.

How to Start a Banquet Business

Wise planning begins with studying the feasibility of opening a banquet hall in your area. Do banquet halls already exist? If so, what size groups do they accommodate? Is there a demographic that is not currently being served? If no banquet businesses currently exist, is there a ready market for you to tap into? Is there a sufficient local and corporate population to support a banquet hall?

Study your financial situation. If there is a market for a banquet hall, how will you finance it? Do you have your own money or will you need to get financing from other sources?

After you have determined that there is a banquet hall market and that you have the funding, search for a prime location. The following should be considered:

  • Since corporate events will be a major market, choose a location near the business district.
  • The space you choose must be able to house the hall itself, a kitchen area with major appliances and counter space, an office area, restroom facilities, and ample storage for chairs and tables.
  • Check with the local zoning board to ensure that your intended location is zoned for business use.
  • The location you choose must provide ample parking for guests and access for the disabled.
  • The building must meet or exceed all of the current fire and safety codes.

Obtain a business license from your local city or county office. Other permits or licenses that may be required include:

  • Liquor license: If you plan to allow the serving of alcoholic beverages, a state or local license will be required.
  • Food handling permit: Contact your local Health Department to determine what types of licenses are required in order to make and serve food at the banquet hall.
  • Building permit: If you have to construct or remodel the facility before you open the doors, you may be required to obtain a building permit.

Attracting Events To Your Banquet Hall

Before you open, it is essential that you begin looking for events to fill your hall. Use direct mail, fliers, and local advertising to announce your opening and availability. Meet with wedding planners, bridal shop owners, corporate executives, charity group officers, and other group leaders to let them know about your facilities. Widely advertise your Grand Opening.

Moving beyond learning how to start a banquet business to having a full schedule of events is your goal. Offer discount coupons and special packages to make your services even more attractive to customers. Host charity events. Offer corporate packages where you host a certain number of parties a year for a discounted fee.

Growing Your Banquet Business

Smart entrepreneurs constantly keep their eyes and minds open to opportunities. Think about other markets you can reach with your banquet business…

Below are a few expansion suggestions:

  • Host Dancing Events
  • Host Conventions
  • Add Catering Services
  • Offer Entertainment Services, such as singers, DJs, and musicians
  • Event Planning and Catering

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  1. onalenna lindy kolobe February 6, 2012 at 3:28 am

    thank you very much, this has helped me to think outside the box.. i love to be part of celebrations and to help out where i can, now i can make money while doing what i love.

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