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Babysitting Business Idea

One of the best ways to help your teen make money is to teach them the steps for how to start a babysitting business.

As far as business ideas for kids go, babysitting jobs are great. They have flexibility—your teen doesn’t have to feel bound to a strict schedule. They are usually short shifts—two to six hours—much less than a stint as a grocery bagger.

Babysitting jobs are available year round, so teens can pick up more jobs when they need more money. And best of all, they get paid immediately, often in cash.

Who Babysits?

One of the first questions parents usually ask is at what age can a child babysit another child. Some states have regulations that determine when a child can be left alone or with another child, but generally, babysitters start around the age of 12.

While there is no age limit on when to stop babysitting, many teens find that their high school schedule and other social activities begin to crowd their schedule, so older teens (who can drive themselves to their babysitter jobs) are not as prevalent.

If your child is comfortable staying home alone, enjoys being with other kids, is responsible, and is able to solve problems, he or she may be ready to learn how to start a babysitting business.

Although the majority of kids looking to babysit are girls, a surprising amount of successful babysitters are boys. Little boys are often very excited when their boy babysitter sits on the floor and plays trucks and constructs buildings with them.

How to Get Ready to Babysit

As anyone involved in the child care business knows, keeping children safe is the most important job. The American Red Cross ( offers babysitting classes that teach kids how to take care of infants and children, keep children safe and respond to emergencies.

Your teen may also consider taking a CPR class. He may never need it, but having that education will prepare him and may help the child’s parents feel more secure.

How To Start A Babysitting Business

Your teen is ready to babysit. Now it’s time to figure out babysitting rates. It’s important to have this mapped out because you never know when someone will say turn to your teen and say, “Oh, you babysit? How much do you charge?” As a business person, your teen will want to have an idea of rates.

Rates are usually charged by the hour and depend on the degree of responsibility (i.e. taking care of an infant vs. a preschooler, fixing a meal, taking care of multiple children, acting as a mother’s helper vs. being sole person responsible). Call around to some area babysitters to get an idea of the going rate in your part of town.

Marketing the Business

  • Have your teen put simple, typed flyers on mailboxes in the neighborhood. Make sure the flyers emphasize training, responsibility and any neighborhood references.
  • Put up signs in the local grocery store.
  • Contact any preschool or Moms’ groups about the business.

If your teen is prompt, polite and reliable, parents will want her back. If she brings a sense of fun, caring and genuine interest in kids, those kids will insist on her return. Learning how to start a babysitting business is also a great step forward for kids who want to become entrepreneurs.

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