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Auto Paint Touch Up Business Idea

The auto paint touch up business goes hand in hand with auto repair, but this should not be off-putting.

Minor paint touch ups for dents, dings and scratches are things that can be done on a small scale as a small or home business.

Two other companion businesses are windshield repairs and upholstery and leather repairs.

You can combine all of these into one neat business and have a lot of potential for success.

Becoming Experienced And Building A Good Reputation

Quality, consistency, and reliability are the keys to your business’ reputation and success. It helps to have lots of photos or videos to show off your work, even if you get these from working on your own vehicles.

You can learn at someone else’s business, and then branch off on your own after learning the ropes. Or, you can take a mechanic and repair class at a local technical school or college. There are video courses and manufacturer information that can add to your knowledge and skill.

Practice makes perfect, though, so what better vehicle to practice on than your own car?

Starting In Business

Bumps and fender benders happen all the time, so there will be plenty of need for your auto paint touch up business. You can provide cosmetic and structural repair services from your mobile van, home garage, or large commercial storefront.

Knowing how to estimate jobs and accurately value your time and material charges is essential to obtaining work. If your job estimate is from here to the moon, you will spend a lot of time looking at your automotive paint cans instead of working.

You must also spend time researching your competition like in any other business.

Expanding Your Auto Paint Touch Up Business

For expansion and side businesses, you can offer paintless dent repair, car detailing, and many other services which fall under the remit of your auto paint touch up business. For a final finishing extra, add car polish services and products to your sales.

In your lobby, a natural income producer is having car care products on display and for sale. You can sell by commission or mark-ups. Adding routine maintenance services, customizations, and general auto repair are a next step for any paint operation. When you get really big, you can add in stereo or DVD upgrading, exhaust testing and optimization, and tire and wheel work.

What You Will Need

You will need general liability insurance, building and tool coverage, and any licenses or permits required. You will also need to meet any zoning requirements before you set up shop.

Having a mobile service helps with smaller jobs that you can do on location. You will still make a good income from this, because you can charge a standard service charge above the repair and paint charges.

Being able to provide an iron-clad guarantee is important for your success. Having dependable employees – not only so your customers can count on quality, but who you can count on yourself is another necessity.

If your storefront has a lobby or waiting area, that is the place to run a looped video presentation or to show photos of your work. Get good close ups, because attention to detail is essential, and these shots will help to get you more work.

These factors all work together to make your auto paint touch up business dream a reality!

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