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Auctioneer Business Idea

Auctions are a popular way to move merchandise quickly, and to combine fun with a special event.  Learn how to become an auctioneer today!

Every weekend there are estate auctions, sometimes generated by the passing along of property in families as elders pass on, other times sparked by the necessity of raising funds. 

Antique auctions are another business that has even become popularized by televised appraisal shows. 

You may not realize that while some people are skilled, natural hucksters who fall into an auctioneer career, many people who wanted to become an auctioneer have attended an auctioneer school to learn the ins and outs of conducting a successful auction.

When you become an auctioneer, your business will be to present auction products and to moderate the bidding process.  You oversee purchases and processing of the paperwork.  You will need to check with your state government regarding whether or not you are required to be licensed or bonded to operate as an auctioneer. 

How To Become An Auctioneer

There are many places, once you have become an auctioneer, where you can be of service in the community.

  • You can run auctions at local fairs and charity events
  • You can assist or run government liquidation auctions
  • You can skew a garage sale into an exciting auction event, even more profitable with a group auction
  • You can learn computer skills and develop an online auction website
  • You can be a television commercial star for a local auto dealership
  • You can set up and run a school fundraising auction
  • You can run liquidation and closeout sales for commercial businesses

Skills to develop as an auctioneer:

  • Public speaking, auctioneers are never shy about speaking up
  • Visual sharpness, you need to see who is bidding on your items
  • Sense of humor, great to incorporate into your bidding process
  • Media relations, for publicity for your business and to select your own advertising media choices
  • Knowledge about products you are attempting to sell, know the market prices

Advertising Your Services

In the profession, once you have officially become an auctioneer, you can advertise your talents and skills in local media.  If you work closely with a radio or television station on their pet charity auction, it gains you some free advertising for your business and is well worth the effort.  

Join an auctioneer association, network with members, attend annual conferences to learn more about how to auctioneer professionally, and how to better conduct your business.

Once you are experienced, you can begin to specialize in an area, estate sales, for example, or art auctions.  This can allow you to expand future revenue possibilities.  Another revenue generating idea is to offer your auctioneer services to local party planners, or charity event planners. 

As with other businesses, you will need basic office equipment and supplies, possibly work space, professional business insurance, and a vehicle.  You will be meeting plenty of new people and travel as far as you wish in this action career.  For a fast start, auction school is a great way to become an auctioneer.

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