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Art Rental Business Idea

Starting a rental art business can bring rich rewards. If art is your passion, a rental art business can be the ideal way to combine that passion with a profitable income.

Art rental has become a popular decorating service for one-time events, such as wedding receptions, corporate parties, and conventions. Rather than purchase expensive art for one-time use, event organizers prefer to rent pieces for display at a significantly lower cost.

Although there is an initial investment when starting a rental art business, ongoing costs are quite reasonable, allowing for greater profits.

Starting A Rental Art Business

The most important tool for starting a rental art business is knowledge. Clients will expect you to be knowledgeable about the pieces you offer. Knowing the basics of decorating will also assist you as you work with customers to choose pieces for specific events.

Along with a knowledge of art, investigate your competition. Find out about how they charge, what types of pieces they offer, and who their target market is. In order to compete, you will have to offer different types of products, unique services, more affordable prices, or a combination.

Become involved in the local art community. By doing so, you can develop valuable partnerships with artists and provide a wide range of choices for customers. A partnership with local artists benefits you and the artist. The artist is paid a commission and gains recognition and you have a talented professional to rely on.

If you have the funding, leasing a small gallery or display space where clients can come in and choose their selections may be a viable option. Art work is valuable and must be stored in a secure, climate-controlled facility, whether you have customers come in or not.

In addition to the art work and secure storage, the following will be required for your rental art business:

  • Business license from the local city, county, or state licensing agencies
  • Insurance to cover damage or losses
  • Contracts for use with customers

Finding Customers

Art work is used to enhance and enchant. There are many venues and events where art comes in to play. It’s likely that corporations will be where most of your business comes from. Direct mail, advertising in local business journals, and meeting with event coordinators will help you get the word out.

Before meeting with potential clients, develop a portfolio of the art pieces you have available for rental. Even if you have a gallery, a portfolio that contains high quality photos of your art pieces will allow you to show clients what you offer wherever they are. Having an online gallery developed is another great way to show potential clients the pieces you have available.

Form partnerships with other business owners in related fields. Party, event, and wedding planners may all require a reliable source of art as they plan events for their customers.

Your best customers will be businesses or partnerships with planners, but there is a consumer market to address as well. Dedicate a part of the advertising budget to reach consumers who may be planning home weddings, receptions, or parties. Some residential clients will simply want to use your services to have a rotating art selection in their home.

Expanding Your Art Rental Business

When starting a rental art business and building a client base, become aware of other skills you have that may allow you to grow your business. Below are a few services you might consider adding:

  • Party, event, and wedding planning
  • Event decorating
  • Art Sales

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