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Art Gallery Business Idea

If you have a passion for art and a desire to turn that passion into something more, learning how to start an art gallery business may be the perfect solution. Doing what you love and making money doing it is the ultimate dream come true.

As the owner of an art gallery business, your job will be to display and sell works of art. Working with other art galleries and up and coming as well as established artists, an art gallery business owner must be knowledgeable about art, current trends, and possess the business skills in order to succeed.

How to Start an Art Gallery Business

A sound business plan can turn a passion into a way to earn a living. A business plan provides a detailed road map into getting started, obtaining financing, and defining your business goals. It also includes a thorough analysis of your competition and assists you in defining a niche area for your art gallery business.

Knowledge about art, particularly the niche you wish to fill, is essential. If necessary, take art classes as you learn how to start an art gallery business. Almost as important is getting to know the local community. Learn about local demographics, buying trends, and income levels. Equipping yourself with knowledge about your intended market will help you decide what types of art works to sell and your pricing strategies.

Find a prime location for your art gallery. Locating near bookstores, libraries, or other intellectual gathering places is ideal. Choose the right type of gallery lighting to enhance the art work rather than detract from it.

Commission art work for your opening. If funds are limited, work with artists on a consignment basis, rather than purchasing pieces outright. Consignment allows artists to display their work in your gallery and, as pieces sell, you take a percentage of the sale.

Purchase cash registers, display cases, and art mounting equipment. Obtain your business license and widely advertise your grand opening.

Finding Success For Your Art Gallery

There are several revenue sources available to art gallery owners. The sale of souvenirs, prints, and commissioned art are some examples. Hosting events and showings for various artists is another.

Become part of the local artist community. Get to know the artists and form partnerships that are beneficial to each party.

Refine your sales skills. Owning an art gallery is not just about the art. It is also about knowing how different pieces fit within different settings and decorating schemes. People’s taste in arts varies widely. Be flexible and learn the art of gentle persuasion.

Expanding Your Gallery

An established art gallery has the option of growing and expanding. Expanding could mean moving to a larger building. It could also mean working with different types of artists and mediums. Adding pottery and sculptures allows the gallery owner to offer a wider range of choice to customers. Developing a web site with an online catalog is an option that gives you a much wider audience than just the local community.

Learning how to start an art gallery business is only the beginning of what could become a profitable business doing what you most enjoy. 

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