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Architect Business Idea

If you enjoy penciling skyscrapers and city streets, consider learning how to become an architect.

An architect is a licensed professional who organizes spaces – houses, office buildings, churches, and shopping centers – even cities.

It’s never too early to prepare for building an architecture business. The preparation is vigorous, but this business can lead to many opportunities.

If you’re still in high school, take advanced math and science classes. English, history, computer science, business and art classes are also helpful when learning how to become an architect.

If you’re out of school, brush up on your math (especially algebra, geometry and trigonometry) knowledge.

Find a college that offers an architecture degree that is accredited by the National Architecture Accrediting Board (there are over 100 of them).

Schools may offer a 5 year Bachelor of Architecture program or a two or three year Master’s program, following an undergraduate degree.

Intern with architectural firms during breaks from classes, and once you graduate, secure a long-term internship with a licensed architect. If you already have a full-time job, try taking on small intern assignments over the weekend.

After about three years of internship experience, you can apply for your own license by taking the rigorous Architect Registration Exam.

Once you have passed the exam and are a licensed architect, you will have the designation R.A. (Registered Architect.).

Considering an Online Architecture Degree?

A number of schools offer architecture classes online. While this is convenient, make sure that the schools are fully accredited by the National Architecture Accrediting Board—otherwise you may still need to re-take the classes.

If, however, you are considering starting a business in the architectural field that does not require licensing, online classes may help you move toward your dream.

Other Architecture Business Ideas

Perhaps you are interested in architecture, and want to get started in the business as soon as possible.

A building designer does not need to be licensed to design family homes. To be a building designer, you can take classes in architecture or engineering at architectural or vocational schools. Getting hands on experience is essential, so seek out internships.

The National Council of Building Designer Certification ( offers certification to building designers. While it is optional, it does give you more credibility as it shows you have demonstrated professional knowledge in your field.

Other related careers to consider include carpenter, interior decorator or landscape designer.

How To Become An Architect – Skills and Tools

Architecture and the related fields are a blend of creativity and specificity. You will use a variety of tools to help you achieve both. Whether you work in an architectural firm or on your own, you will need to set up your work area.

You will need to have drafting supplies, such as a drafting table, calculation and measuring tools, and drawing supplies. You will also use CAD (Computer Aided Design) drafting software to help produce your vision.

Future for Architects

The field of architecture is growing, but competition is increasing as well. By securing the best education and experience possible, you can stay ahead of the competition. Education is key when learning how to become an architect.

Knowledge of “green” design (energy efficient, minimum waste, renewable resources) will help you even more.

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