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Arcade Business Idea

With careful planning, learning how to start an arcade is just the beginning of taking an exciting concept and turning it into a highly profitable enterprise. Rising in popularity since the 1970s, a trendy arcade can become a favorite destination for kids, teenagers, and young adults.

The most important decision you make will be the arcade’s location. Because your target customers are young, locating within walking distance of schools and near heavily traveled shopping areas, preferably with public transportation service, is essential.

After finding a facility that fits your specifications, contact the local zoning board to make sure you can legally run an arcade business in your selected location.

Before purchasing arcade games, take into account local fire safety requirements and plan the arcade layout. Your plan will help you determine how many games you can safely and efficiently fit into the space.

In addition to plotting the game locations, diagram the counter and cash register area and the restrooms. If you are going to offer snacks, plan where your snack bar or vending machines will be located as well.

You should now have an idea about how many arcade games to purchase. Look for used games to save money, but try to purchase games that are seen as cutting edge and exciting. Perception is important with your target audience. Characteristically, the younger customer is conscious of current trends and will expect an arcade to have the latest and greatest games.

How To Start An Arcade – Keys To Success

As you lean how to start an arcade, continuing research will be an important key for your success. Keeping up with gaming trends, realizing your customers’ preferences, being aware of current economic conditions, and using an aggressive marketing campaign will combine to ensure that your arcade business continues to grow.

Typically, your target customers are younger people from middle school age to young adult. Putting fliers up at local youth clubs, schools, libraries, and shopping malls, placing advertisements in local newspapers, and in the yellow pages are all proven advertising methods that should be used.

Develop attractive handouts that people can take with them. Offer two-for-one incentives where current customers are encouraged to bring their friends. Advertise on gaming web sites. Host birthday parties. Don’t overlook free advertising, such as free ads on websites.

Expanding Your Arcade Business

Learning how to start an arcade is only the first step. Adding services and games to your initial offerings is a great way to expand the arcade. If you don’t already offer food or snacks, consider adding them. Optimally, your arcade should be self-contained with a place to play, a place to eat, and restroom facilities so that no customer is forced to leave. The longer you keep gamers on the premises, the more money they spend.

Another way to expand is to add a few classic video games geared at middle-aged gamers. Adding different types of games would allow you to advertise as a family destination where everyone can come in and play. Also don’t overlook the excitement and publicity that a gaming contest can offer for your arcade.

As you go from learning how to start an arcade to expanding and increasing your profits, remember that nothing is more important when running an arcade business than extensive planning and ongoing research.

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