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Amusement Park Business Idea

Does learning how to start an amusement park sound like a dream come true? Running an amusement park business can be a dream come true, if you plan wisely.

Your research into how to start an amusement park should be comprised of several phases. The starting phase is choosing a location and determining whether an amusement park is a viable option in your chosen area.

Check with your local zoning boards to make sure the area you choose is zoned for business use.

How To Start An Amusement Park – Do Your Research First!

In order to get financial backing and substantiate your chances for success, hire a business adviser to do a feasibility study. The study not only provides reasonable proof that an amusement park can succeed, it also pinpoints areas of concern, giving you time to find solutions.

After the feasibility study is completed, hire a design firm experienced in planning amusement parks to design your park. The designers and engineers will determine the flow of the park, including the location of rides, refreshment stands, and restrooms. With the feasibility study and design plans in hand, visit financial institutions and apply for loans.

Keys to Success

During the process of learning how to start an amusement park, the studies and plan designs you commissioned should go a long way to ensuring success. Making restrooms and refreshments readily available and accessible will keep customers comfortable and ensure an enjoyable experience.

Keep the park as clean as possible and have plenty of trash receptacles. Rides should be inspected frequently to ensure the safety of park goers. There should be a first aid station with a nurse in case of medical emergencies. Above all, make the park a fun and safe place to visit.

Finding Customers

A brand new amusement park will benefit from heavy advertising. As you discover more about how to start an amusement park and get closer to opening, begin a strong advertising campaign. Sell advance tickets for the Grand Opening. Make the opening day special by planning entertainment and unique events.

After opening, continue to heavily advertise in newspapers, radio, and TV. Radio and TV stations often sponsor contests. Talk with the station sales directors and see if you can offer amusement park tickets as a prize. Each time the station talks about the contest, they are giving you free advertising.

Offer special rates for corporate, clubs, or charity groups. Charge discounted group rates for families. Strategic pricing not only brings more people in, it encourages word of mouth advertising.

Expanding Your Park

Learning how to start an amusement park is just the beginning of the dream. As more and more people visit, you have the opportunity to add to your existing profits by adding sidelines and additional services. For example, you could sell novelties, such as mugs and t-shirts, with the name of the park printed on them. Not only does this add a revenue stream, it is a great source of advertising.

If you have space, a smaller building could be set aside for corporate or private parties. People would not only attend their parties, but visit the rest of the park as well. Hiring entertainment acts is a great way to bring people in who might not come otherwise.

An amusement park may be a dream, but it can come true with the right planning and fortitude.

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