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Ad Agency Business Idea

By learning how to start an ad agency, you can take full advantage of your creativity and marketing skills. While an ad agency will always be in the business of selling a product, today’s marketing campaigns can take advantage of more opportunities and channels than at any other time in history.

Traditional methods, such as print ads, radio campaigns, or TV commercials, are always popular, but online marketing and product placement in feature films are growing trends. In this ever-expanding industry, you only have to find your specialty or niche market to become successful. Of course, you do need to bring creativity and innovative thoughts to the table, as well.

As you learn how to start an ad agency, you can start off as small or large as you desire and your budget allows. While a slick office worthy of a cable drama program would be fun to have, it’s not critical to a start-up. You could always begin your business from your home and meet your clients in their office.

Depending on the type of ad campaigns you decide to create, you will need a variety of equipment. At a very minimum, you’ll need a computer, graphic art software, a high-quality printer, and presentation materials.

How To Start An Ad Agency – What’s Required

While no specific training is required when learning how to start an ad agency, a background in marketing and the ability to think outside the box will be skills that you can use to your advantage. Make sure that you are familiar with any laws that restrict advertisement opportunities for certain products.

Products that involve alcohol, tobacco, weapons, drugs, or any other regulated item can not be freely advertised in just any medium. To keep up-to-date on all the new marketing trends and advertising techniques, join trade groups like the International Independent Advertising Agency Network or American Association of Advertising Agencies (AAAA).

Successful advertising agencies are able to consistently create marketing campaigns that fully engage the target market to instantly grab their ever-wandering attention. Sometimes, this means shocking the public, and other times, it will mean simply informing them of how a product can meet their needs better than any other.

If the general public is discussing your most recent commercial, your ad agency will be successful. However, you don’t want them to think about how interesting an ad was while wondering what product it was trying to sell. Always make sure that your creative streak doesn’t over-shadow the product itself.

Finding Clients For Your Agency

Finding customers when you learn how to start an ad agency may be a challenge. Advertising is one of the most competitive industries out there. Until your name is well-known within the business world, be prepared to cold call on marketing and sales executives in every company that will let you get a foot in the door.

If you would rather target small companies, set your sights on the owner. Regardless of whom you have the opportunity to meet with, be prepared to tell them how your company can promote their product or service better than any other ad agency. A few sample ideas will sell your company better than anything else. Once you have a couple million-dollar campaigns under your belt, those same people who refused to talk to you will be knocking down your door.

After your ad agency is a successful new business venture, you may decide to expand. If you’ve focused on a specific niche or marketing medium, try a new area. You might want to try producing films if your television commercials have been successful. Along the same lines, if you have a certain talent for discovering up-and-coming music talent for your campaigns, you may want to try your hand at creating a record label or producing concert tours. After all, movies, music, and the whole entertainment industry is all about selling a product, and that’s where you excel.

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